Tamara Schultz

On our journey to the call If I had to use one word to describe our experience, I would have to say “amazing.”In my opinion, I believe our journey began 19 years ago. After our first year of marriage, I began to notice that Mark spent a lot of time reading and studying many books on church history and the bible. My first thought at that time was oh no, I think God is calling him to the ministry. this seemed exciting till I realized I would be the” pastor’s wife”. Impossible! I don’t play piano, sing, or even know anything about the church or what was to be expected of me. The idea of ministry was quickly buried and replaced with every day challenges of raising a family and married life.As we journeyed through life and church, it became more clear to me that I needed to prepare myself for” Mark’s Call”, as more members of our home church were beginning to ask Mark if he has considered entering the ministry. One member in particular, a new DPS worker to the congregation, was very interested in pointing Mark in that direction. I remember his response clearly and with humor. Mark stated with a stern face “if God wants me to be a pastor, then He will make it happen.” The subject was quickly dropped and not spoken of for a couple of years till we moved to the Edmonton area.Once we moved to the Edmonton area, I found that once again many people, whom didn’t even know my husband began to ask if he might consider attending the seminary, by this point I was certain that he was receiving a call, whether it be as a minister or a church worker; either way, we had some serious conversing to do.Soon, we found ourselves searching for advice from peers and other seminary students as well as local pastors. With each conversation, I became hesitant. I had so many questions, “how would we support ourselves?” At that time, I was a stay at home mom with 4 children who drove school bus. The thought of going out and finding a full time job was frightening. I had no real skills, and there was no time to go back to school to obtain any. Then I began to wonder how this would affect the children. Would they be able to adjust to changing schools, making new friends? Would each new community accept them? Then I began to think of our home and community in which we live. I loved our little town and I was very involved. I loved my home, to me it was perfect. Are we really going to leave this all behind?

As mark was completing more courses and really getting ready for seminary, it felt like crunch time, I need a job! I tried mail delivery, well that didn’t work out at all as I am directionally challenged to say the least. I couldn’t imagine a job where I was getting lost all the time. Then one evening will I was at a regular meeting with the local fire department where I volunteered, one of the other female members said to me “let’s do the EMR course together, you can carry my books.” She is a dear friend and looking back I can clearly see Gods hand in our friendship. So my emergency services career began. I completed all the courses necessary in such a short time and was ready to take on the financial responsibilities of our family.

Today, 6 years later, my husband is only weeks away from being ordained in a small community south of Edmonton. Although I still love and miss the little town we left, I’m positive we will love the new community God has chosen. Our children are happy and have really displayed strength and wisdom through this journey. God was with us every step and I’m sure will continue to be with us on the rest of our adventure. There are just so many ways I see that His hand was and still is in every task placed before us.

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