Rev. Darren Siegle

My journey into Pastoral Ministry began as a direct result of what my parents did with me when I was 18 days old. They brought me to the baptismal font at Grace Lutheran Church in Edmonton, where the late Pastor George Rode applied the water and the Word of Holy Baptism.

Faith was created within me at that time, to where I can say I never remember a time when I did not believe in God. In fact, as a small boy, learning about this faith, I knew God was at the center of my life.

As I grew older, God sent to my school Christian friends. They were legalistic, and doubted that I would be saved since I didn’t live up to the same standards as they did.
This concerned me. Did I have to embrace a multitude of rules too if I was to be saved? Was my soul in jeopardy?

I thought not, but still, God gave me the desire to want to study the matter. Where? How? For me, the obvious answer was Concordia College (now C.U.C.A.). I am one for whom attending Concordia was very convenient. I loved studying theology, especially learning that Martin Luther’s struggles were not unlike my own.

Initially I wasn’t sure about being a pastor, since I questioned if I was cut out for it. Still, it seemed like a good idea to consider this vocation. I am thankful for the full encouragement of my family that was behind me, whether I became a pastor or not. Doors opening and closing were continuing to lead me to Concordia Lutheran Seminary, just across the street.

At both the college and seminary, professors and fellow students affirmed me in the direction I was going, as were people from my congregation, including Pastor Carl Wolski. After my first and second years, I was employed at Jackfish Lutheran Camp in Roblin, MB. This included a lot of supply preaching for local pastors on vacation. I was married after my 2nd year, and was assigned to be a vicar in Regina. This year caused many theological questions to arise, and I looked forward to my fourth year, when I returned to look more deeply into many matters.

Finally, not yet 26 years of age, I graduated, and was assigned to my first parish, in MB. I continue to love the opportunities that pastoral ministry provides to learn more theology, and teach it, often in very practical ways, in the congregations God has given me the privilege to serve. I love emphasizing how we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, as revealed in Scripture alone.

I also greatly enjoy being with the people of all ages and backgrounds, and sharing their lives. I seek to provide a listening ear. Challenges have arisen too, and for these I am thankful, for in passing through them, there is great growth. I’ve prayed the “Serenity Prayer” often as I, like you, keep seeking God’s direction.

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