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Rev. Todd Guggenmos

As much as I enjoyed my job as a truck-driver, I somehow knew I would not stay in that field. When we became Lutheran, I began to wonder if maybe the Office of Holy Ministry was the vocation for me. So I began the process and waited for a hurdle too big for us to get over. It never came.

Leaving the home we loved to begin seven years of schooling was very difficult but I’ve never regretted it. Going through Seminary with a wife and children is not easy, but we were always supported and prayed for.

Seminary can be hard, and the Ministry is often difficult but it’s also extremely rewarding. I’m where God called me to be, and don’t regret it at all.

-Rev. Todd Guggenmos (CLS ’13)


On January 13, 1914, Ernest Shackelton published the following notice: “Men
wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete
darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of
success.” Five thousand applications were received in response to this notice from which
27 men were selected for the great adventure of crossing Antarctica. What in the world
would possess so many men to volunteer willingly to serve in such a venture?

How would one advertise for a pastor or a deacon? Perhaps it might read in this
way: “An opportunity not to be served, but to serve others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
No opportunity for fame or fortune. Wages and benefits provided but you will not get rich.
Rigorous academic preparation and formation required. Looking for people who have a
sense of God’s calling to be servants for Jesus’ sake.”

Is God calling you for the great adventure of serving the body of Christ as a Pastor, a
Director of Parish Services or a Lutheran Teacher? We invite you to explore this web site
as you consider God’s will and calling for your life.

Here you will read the stories of others who are either preparing to serve or are
currently serving in church work positions. What led them to consider a church work
vocation? What were the challenges they faced? What are their joys in service? And then
ask yourself the question:

Is God calling me?