Monthly Archives: December 2015

I told her she would be marrying a career soldier; that we’d spend the first 4 years of our marriage in Germany, and she still said yes. But in 18 years, I worked for four different employers in three unrelated jobs. The day someone first said to me, “We need men like you in the Seminary,” I was a journeyman millwright for a corporate pulp/lumber company. I didn’t like working 12s, but the money and benefits were good, and I actually enjoyed doing the work. We built our dream house where I expected to remain until I died. Ministry was never my idea, and I was afraid of how that change would impact us after being settled for 14 years. Yet, I admit my deepest question had nothing to do with my family at all. Of all I learned at the seminary, Christ patiently taught me the difference between “Am I called to be a pastor?” and “Am I worthy to be a pastor?”

-Rev. Dan Barr (CLS ’10)