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Church Worker Recruitment

Church Worker Recruitment Resource (PDF)

Prayer for Church Workers

Oh God
who has chosen us
to make disciples of all nations and
who by Baptism
has called us to build up Your church,
we earnestly implore You to choose
from among us, Your children,
many pastors, deacons and church workers
who will love You with their whole heart
and will gladly spend their entire lives
making You known and loved by all.
In Christ’s name we pray.

RSVP Revisited

In 1998 Lutheran Church-Canada undertook a recruitment effort that we called RSVP. The basic idea was to provide resources that congregations could use on a Recruitment Sunday (preferably in January) and encourage members to identify prospective church workers. Those individuals were referred to their pastor, who would interview them and then, if appropriate, forward their names to Synod for follow-up by Concordia University or one of our two Seminaries. That recruitment effort was quite successful as many individuals who were identified as potential church workers went on to study for Diaconal or Pastoral ministry.

            Unfortunately, the RSVP initiative was discontinued after about 8 years. However, the resources developed then are still available. Some of these resources are being revised for use in our congregations today. Church workers are still needed. The potential harvest is greater than ever. It is our prayer that congregations will make use of the revised Recruitment Resources and forward the names of prospective students to Lutheran Church-Canada for follow-up.


A Bold Invitation

A young man wants to ask a young lady to be his date for the school dance. He is very nervous and lacks the courage to make the invitation.

A new family moves into the neighbourhood. You know that you should get to know them and invite them to come to church with you, but you have trouble making such a bold invitation.

A member of the Board of Elders, nervous about visiting an inactive member, prays for God’s help to invite that member back to worship.

Have you ever had to make a bold invitation? This year’s Recruitment Initiative Sunday recalls our Lord’s bold invitation to His disciples to make a bold confession. St. Peter responded to that invitation by affirming that Jesus is indeed “the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matt. 16:16). Jesus goes on to affirm that this confession was not of Peter’s own understanding, but revealed from the heavenly Father.

Lutheran Church–Canada continues to need servants who will boldly confess that Jesus is the Christ. On Sunday, January 22, our congregations will once again ask their members to make a bold invitation to nominate individuals who should consider becoming a full time worker in the Lord’s kingdom. (We suggest commemorating the Confession of St. Peter on January 22)

I invite you to make bold use of the materials we have prepared. Encourage the members of your congregation to fill out the nomination forms and personally visit those who are nominated. Return their names to the LCC office for follow up by Synod. In the case of minors who are nominated, be sure to seek permission from their parents.

We give thanks to God for all potential church workers who have been identified since this initiative began and we ask His blessing on our continuing efforts to recruit workers for His harvest fields.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. James Fritsche