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Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer

I can’t say I remember when I first began thinking about being a pastor.  I just always had an “inclination” to be a pastor. Sunday’s were reserved for Sunday school and worship (except during the summer months when we would go camping every weekend).  I loved learning the Bible stories at Sunday School.  I remember marching around the church basement to “Onward Christian Soldiers.” Though bored by the redundancy of repeating page 5 and 15 from TLH Sunday after Sunday, I always found Pastor Scholz’s sermons engaging. (Maybe sitting in the front row right at the foot of the altar had something to do with that as well!)   Continue reading

Rev. Forrest Stroup

I was sitting in a room at a Baseball school in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida hoping to sign a professional baseball contract when my heart did a stewardship review about my life. I was surrounded by players who had been the best of the best, had signed a big contract, got seriously injured and were trying to get signed again. I realized then the fragility of a sports’ career. With the gifts God had given to me, how should I respond with my life? Continue reading

Rev. Scott Gamble

If I had waited for the clouds to part and a thundering voice to command, “Scott, thou shalt attend Seminary!” I would definitely still be humming and hawing about whether God wanted me to pursue being a pastor. I stepped onto the road to ministry when in high school, attempting to pick some direction for the future, I asked myself what I thought my life might look like in 15-20 years. After imagining a beautiful wife (check), perfectly behaved children (still working on it), and a sweet sports car in the garage (no hope), serving as a pastor kept popping up in my mind as the only choice for a career. That was a bit of a surprise to my 18 year old self, as pastoral ministry was nowhere on my radar beforehand, but once it came to mind it seemed to be such a logical and comfortable conclusion that I confidently started walking towards that hazy and distant pulpit. Continue reading

Rev. Michael Keith

I was not raised in a church going family. Though I was baptized at an early age the Church was not a part of my upbringing. It was not until my mid-teen years that I began asking questions about God and the bible. In my late teen years I was given a bible as a gift and I began reading it largely out of curiosity and ended up reading from Genesis right through to Revelation. I recall vividly reading Romans 5:12-21 and seeing how from Genesis to Revelation it all fit together in Jesus. From that point on I became a theological junky. Continue reading

Rev. Tom Kruesel

My road to ministry was many things, but straight and sure it was not!

My Dad was a pastor, and for many years my family and those in our congregation thought it would be wonderful if I would follow in his footsteps and enter the Ministry.  As a child, I entertained the idea that perhaps this was where God was calling me, but as a typical, slightly rebellious teenager, the fact that this was where the adults in my life wanted me to go made me want to do something else.  I started university in Computer Science. Continue reading

Rev. David Dressler

Considering the Call into the Holy Ministry

Although I was raised in a pastor’s family until my father’s death in 1975, I am told that my ambition in those earliest times was leaning more heavily towards driving a garbage pick-up truck than any other holy calling. I am sure, however, that those years in a parsonage allowed me to always see public pastoral ministry as an option for my life. By the time I reached High School and adults around me started regularly asking me what I wanted to do when I left school I would usually list geology, archeology and social work as my top career contenders. Pastoral ministry sometimes tied for third place in that list but more often than not was a clear “also-ran”. Continue reading