On January 13, 1914, Ernest Shackelton published the following notice: “Men
wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete
darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of
success.” Five thousand applications were received in response to this notice from which
27 men were selected for the great adventure of crossing Antarctica. What in the world
would possess so many men to volunteer willingly to serve in such a venture?

How would one advertise for a pastor or a deacon? Perhaps it might read in this
way: “An opportunity not to be served, but to serve others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
No opportunity for fame or fortune. Wages and benefits provided but you will not get rich.
Rigorous academic preparation and formation required. Looking for people who have a
sense of God’s calling to be servants for Jesus’ sake.”

Is God calling you for the great adventure of serving the body of Christ as a Pastor, a
Director of Parish Services or a Lutheran Teacher? We invite you to explore this web site
as you consider God’s will and calling for your life.

Here you will read the stories of others who are either preparing to serve or are
currently serving in church work positions. What led them to consider a church work
vocation? What were the challenges they faced? What are their joys in service? And then
ask yourself the question:

Is God calling me?

RSVP Revisited: Recruiting Church Workers for a New Generation

Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) is re-launching the RSVP initiative, a church worker recruitment program that successfully identified a number of prospective pastors and deacons throughout the 1990s and 2000s, with hopes that LCC congregations will observe a Recruitment Sunday on January 22, 2017.
Resources from the earlier RSVP initiative have been revised in anticipation of the new recruitment effort, and LCC congregations are encouraged to make use of the new material. “Church workers are still needed,” an introduction to the new RSVP material explains. “The potential harvest is greater than ever. It is our prayer that congregations will make use of the revised Recruitment Initiative materials and forward the names of prospective students to Lutheran Church–Canada for follow-up.”
The RSVP material includes bulletin inserts, a Bible study, worship materials, a sermon, nomination forms, and more. You can download the full package here: http://isgodcallingme.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/RSVP-Revisited-2017.pdf
Churches are encouraged to read a letter from LCC President Robert Bugbee on January 15 to announce the initiative locally. “As long as there are people who don’t confess Christ… and churches needing faithful shepherds… and unreached communities, there will always be a need for pastors to bring the Good News,” President Bugbee writes. “Pastoral recruitment needs to be on the minds and in the prayers of every person in our church. For Jesus’ sake, please let it be on your mind, and take it into your prayers also!”
RSVP began in 1998, and provided resources to congregations for use on a Recruitment Sunday (preferably in January), in order to encourage members to identify prospective church workers. Those individuals were referred to their pastor, who interviewed them and then, if appropriate, forwarded their names to Synod for follow up by LCC’s seminaries and—at the time—college. The original RSVP program was discontinued after about eight years, ending around a decade ago.

Envision Yourself – a high school retreat

Do you know someone of high school age who would make a good Pastor?
Concordia Lutheran Seminary (Edmonton) is hosting a weekend retreat for high school aged students to come and spend a couple of days envisioning what it would be like to train to be a Pastor in Lutheran Church Canada.
The retreat begins on Friday, May 13th in the early evening, and concludes after attending a local worship service on Sunday morning (May 15th).The cost, which includes food and accommodations, is only $50, and CLS has also set aside some funding to help with travel for those who need it.

More information is included with the Registration Form, found here:
Envision Yourself – Registration Form (PDF)